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Allways Tire & Parts, is the professional enterprise in tire business for more than 10 years. Since founded, we dedicated commitment to quality and sensitivity to customer satisfaction and has set a standard for others to follow. We have strong relationships with most of Chinese Tires manufacturers and suppliers for TBR, PCR, TBB, AG, OTR, Motorcyle, Special type tires and inner tubes etc. Presently, we sell different brands of tires including Triangle, Double star, Linglong,. and have build up very good close relationship with these factories by devoting in service and satisfaction oriented for all our partners.

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 Allways Tire & Parts Ltd

Tel:+86 531 82739123   

Fax:+86 531 82705859
Add: RM1104 T6 Building,Sunshine 100, Sunshine New Road,Jinan 250024, China

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